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About Us

Sue Bowman started her Sage career in 2001 as a technical support advisor on the SageCover help line. After 7 years of supporting customers & coaching new recruits to the support line  – with various secondments in technical writing (that’s those helpful knowledge base articles you might have seen) and even sales, a strong desire to get more involved with the people she was supporting led to a move to an accountancy practise. Here Sue worked with clients to make sure the Sage software was set up to give them and the accountants the information they needed at month and year end; to deliver bespoke training so that the appropriate people in each organisation knew how to input information to get the output needed by managers, directors & accountants alike; and to offer the support that a friendly person who knows your business can give so much more easily than a technician you’ve never met before.

A strong feeling that a Sage training and support offering that was independent, and happy to work with any company’s existing accountant where appropriate, (combined with a desire to be the boss!) resulted in the leap to self-employment in July 2009 – and we’ve not looked back.

Our goal is still to make sure that you get the best out of your Sage software program, whether it’s new to you & you need a full program of implementation, customisation & training, you’ve been using it for years but need to learn the ins & outs of a new version or feature, or just want to know that we’re there if & when you need some help. We have now embraced the cloud though, in the form of Sage One (we weren’t so keen at first but it’s improved massively since it first came out – so much so that we now use it for our own accounts!) which makes sure we can recommend the best Sage solution for even the smallest businesses.

We’re now based in Brunswick where most of the time you’ll find Mal in the office running our social media pages, keeping the website up to date or dealing with enquiries, whilst Sue spends the bulk of the week working onsite with clients, delivering bespoke support & training programs.

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