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Sage One : Cloud Based Accounting

'Cloud Accounting' seems to be the phrase on everybody's lips at the moment, and it's easy to see why.

There's no initial outlay or large cost to upgrade every few years, just a monthly subscription which means that you always have up to date, compliant software; you can access your accounts anywhere that you can access the internet - making it simple to work with colleagues and accountants even if you're not physically close; a new PC doesn't mean time spent re-installing software; even taking backups is a thing of the past, and security on these sites is more like that used by banks than what most SMEs have on their own servers. Of course desktop software has advantages too - it's about what's right for your business - but after a fairly shaky introduction Sage's cloud solution, Sage One, has now reached over 100,000 active users and become one of the market leaders in cloud accounting software for good reasons.


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