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HMRC Portal Changes

Portal Changes

HMRC Portal Changes If you have logged into HMRC’s website lately you might have noticed various changes which have been implemented. There are lots of reasons behind this, but where it may affect you if you’re not using the latest version of your Sage 50C accounts program is in the submission of your VAT return. Up until these changes you could submit your VAT direct from Sage 50 on versions as old as 2008, but as HMRC make changes to their portal Sage are only updating the latest version of the software (currently V24.1) If you’re on a subscription model or have a current Sagecover Extra contract then you’ll either be using or have available the latest version. (You can check which version of the software you’re currently using by going to ‘Help’ at the top right hand side of your software & then choosing ‘About’ from the drop down list. When the information screen opens you’ll see the version number under program details at the top left. If you’re on a subscription & this isn’t 24.1 then you should look to install your upgrade as soon as possible). If you’re not on the latest version then you won’t be able to submit a VAT return direct from your Sage 50 software unless you upgrade. You will of course still be able to submit your returns manually by logging into the HMRC website and entering the figures from your calculated return, but the direct submission from within Sage 50 will no longer work for you. If this affects you and you’d like more information on how to submit your return manually, or to know what your upgrade options are then Contact us. We can offer discounted rates on Sagecover Extra if you’re not currently in a contract, and compare your subscription pricing options, so that you can weigh up all available options and understand the manual alternative.

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