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Sage One becomes Sage Business Cloud

You might have noticed the sneaky rebrand that Sage One has had, quietly becoming Sage Business Cloud. This is a change in name rather than any kind of software overhaul, but as we've been SBC for almost 9 years now we're loving that Sage have decided to work with our branding for their online solutions NEW services from SBC Our main business focus has always been consultation & training on Sage software, and whilst this isn’t changing, we are adding some further options to our repertoire. Mal has been more & more involved with the business over the last few years, & is now doing remote book keeping for several clients. This can be on Sage One, Sage 50 or Xero, & is totally flexible, so if you are looking for somebody to spend a day helping you to catch up on invoice entries or bank reconciliations as a one off, or something more regular, just email with an idea of what you’re looking for and we'll take it from there. We’re also offering Financial process consultation / implementation. The terminology of this may change as it seems like a mouthful (if you have a better idea of what to call it let us know! There’s a box of chocs in it for you if we use your idea ) but the principle remains. What Sue has found over the years is that when she goes into a business to help implement Sage software, she more often than not ends up writing, or re-writing an entire process from receiving information to filing it away, with processing through Sage as just the jam in the sandwich, as it were. As these are areas that a lot of businesses struggle with (even those that don’t use Sage software!) it seemed logical to make it a bit more obvious that this is something we can help with. So if you meet anybody who just isn’t on top of their book keeping processes & could do with some guidance, regardless of which software package they’re using, give them our details & maybe we can help. We'll be updating the website over the next few months with details of our new offerings, so keep an eye out for further information.

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